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Psychadellic call-in show on Minneapolis public access telivision
"Did you see Freaky Deeky on channel 17 last Sunday? It caused my brain to cuddle with my soul!"
by Fartcychle March 02, 2010
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A fashionable expression used between one 'wicked 1' to another 'wicked 1'. It is mostly used as an adverb by the 'groovy 1s' Also, another well known fact of the freaky deeky word is that it is a rather blinging word amongst the townies. To get 'wiv it' use the meaningful and heartfelt word 'freaky deeky' in ur daily vocab 2 express your feeling, straight from the heart, in ways youve never found possible before.
hes got that freaky deeky thing going on innit(mostly used by townies)

let us go get sum freaky deeky 2nite
by Chelsea December 01, 2004
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a word that means
THE stupidest kid that i know and she is a doofy poofy
colleen is a freakydeeky and lives in a treeeeeeee
by seven? May 11, 2003
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