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Frazy means fuckin´ crazy.
Frazy gets popular cause of the funny weird song Frazy of artist Synapsenkitzler. People freaked out on different festivals started 2010 in germany like the Fusion festival.
I would like to tickle your synapse. Thats frazy!
by Jaques Couleur August 04, 2010
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combines two words:

fucking + crazy = FRAZY

used when something excites you.
2. Dayum, that party last night was frazy.
by jaybeezie July 10, 2009
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an emphasized version of crazy. (friggin + crazy = frazy) an abbreviation of fucking crazy/friggin crazy. used for any situation
oh my fucking gosh, that dance move is SO FRAZY!
by bori May 24, 2004
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Frazy - (1) The act or condition of being both drunk and high at the same time. (2) Fucking crazy. (3) Anything that is overwhelmingly cool.
Niko: Yo Anna, I've got a fat sack of 'dro and a Colt 45 up in my room.
Anna: Yiiiii boiiiiiii (Flava Flav-style) - we gettin frazy tonight!

Bob: Ah shit, son. I just got a sweet butt cut.
Sarah: That is the complete opposite of frazy.

Kathryn: GET FRAZY!
Lakon: Rock the fuck on!
by Nikkar November 22, 2005
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Fucking crazy. It can be used to show anger, style, or w/e the hell u want it to describe.
WTF!?!?! Why in the hell is Coach wearing a pink shirt. Thats Frazy!

That outfit is soo FRAZY!!!
by tearsheal08 March 11, 2005
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