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An exclamation meaning "Oh, that fucking sucks!" Originally derived from "that suuuuuuuucks" - a term used at Edina High School in 2002. But later it morphed into the elusive dut. Often, the dut is complete with a hand motion that includes pointing one arm outward while hitting the inner elbow of said arm with the other hand. A dut can be used on yourself (self-dut), others (dut), or a large group of people (duts all around).
Mark: Yo Niko, I totally got blue-balled by this chick.
Niko: That's a big dut!
Mark: Yeah, total self-dut.
by Nikkar October 04, 2005

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Frazy - (1) The act or condition of being both drunk and high at the same time. (2) Fucking crazy. (3) Anything that is overwhelmingly cool.
Niko: Yo Anna, I've got a fat sack of 'dro and a Colt 45 up in my room.
Anna: Yiiiii boiiiiiii (Flava Flav-style) - we gettin frazy tonight!

Bob: Ah shit, son. I just got a sweet butt cut.
Sarah: That is the complete opposite of frazy.

Kathryn: GET FRAZY!
Lakon: Rock the fuck on!
by Nikkar November 22, 2005

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(1) A sly way of implying that one is on ecstacy. (2) Any cool actions one completes while on ecstacy.
Sarah: I'm rolling dick on these pills!
Anna: Yeah, this is pretty Xtreme.
by Nikkar November 22, 2005

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