Hair style parted down the middle, popular in the 70's to 80's. Usually feathered.
That dude is rockin a serious Butt Cut!
by Shaggy25 January 8, 2007
when someone makes you mad so you cut your butt with a knife and poop out of the little cuts.
robert made me so mad, i butt cut.
by butt cut February 25, 2015
The hair-do that involves parting the hair down the middle of ones head
Mike used to part his hair on one side but he decided a change was in order and now has a Butt-cut
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
The act of a woman squeezing her ass muscles around a mans dick during anal sex so hard that it actually cuts his penis off
"Hey man why are you in the hospital?"
"Well this girl I was with started butt cutting me"
by Koolkoffeeklan May 21, 2014
The smell/aroma in a room after sex; also called budussy. The 'butt' part refers to the glutial area whereas the 'cut' part refers to the slang term used for 'pussy' or 'sex'.
1: After a night of rigorous sex, the whole room smelled like butt and cut. 2: "Damn K-dog, you and Lisa been fuckin again? It smells like butt and cut up in here, dog!"
by **rawritsccbetch** August 1, 2010
To have anal sex with a male.
I'm tired of hearing my two gay neighbors cut butt all night long.
by kwn May 17, 2006