The utmost achievment of fraternal reverly, the paragon of college achievenment from a social standpoint. Only the dedicated few can attain such a quality, a quality evinced by throwing the fattest bone-chuck ragers where generator-powered mega-watt blacklights accompanied by L.E.D refracting party lights enable a club-like dance scene condusive to all interactions, giving even the squarest of dudes a chance to mingle. Qualities such as yelling frat incessantly accompanied by a 10-15 second chug from a handle, emphasizing that to be fratastic you must forgo buying a 5th of hard alcohol and without hesitation opt for a handle especially if the drinking party is under 5 persons. Drinking to lose all inhibition and awaking to an assortment of problems, including but not limited to: a half-eaten mustard sandwhich, jeans soaked with urine causing the phone left in your front pocket to be dysfunctional, comprehensive bruises and bodily damages, confusing an inner-city park bench for your room, and waking up to god knows who looking like god knows what. Slamzonied and shwapdizzled all prescribe to extremely high levels of intoxication necessary as a requisite to fratastic achievement. Depending on your geographical location, it may also be required to constantly divulge nonsensical sober rants about nothing, namely certain conditions that are indicitive to certain indiginous peoples of certain northermost regions in underdeveloped countries and continents. Other encourageable traits include referring to your instructor obnoxiously as prof. and constantly using movie quotes to reinforce humor especially with a loudspeaker so that all of your campus faculty can hear. This prolonged comprehensive summation of achieving fratastic ideaology is vital to the preservation of fratters world-wide, adhere to it with all of your might.
the one and only bone-chuckers pics and rock who keep life going with their fratastic ways.
by Brett Picanso February 12, 2008
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The act, or actions of being completley obsessed with ones fraternity. borderline homosexual.
Wearing his letters to his grandmother's funeral made Dick fucking fratastic.
The sex I had with Joe was awesomely FRATASTIC!!!!!
by Special K and E-Z-E January 15, 2005
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Being 'fratastic' is a beauty and an art that is acheived only by the most elite. Those who are 'fratastic' are often found peeing in random places, drink every night of the week and weekend just for fun, throw day parties in which they end up blackout by 10am, have late night dance parties, do keg stands, funnel their beers, have keg races, are phenomenal at beer pong and or flip cup, and basically they never stop. Usually in order to be 'fratastic' you also need to have a story that is your claim to fame, such as 'that time i was drunk for a week and a half', or 'that time i woke up naked 10 miles away in a downtown city area', or 'pissing in a cop car while being arrested for being beligerently drunk' etc. Girls can be called fratastic for certain events or stories, yet it is much harder for them to acheive this level of amazingness based on their larger capacity for embarassment.
The fact that joe had been blackout drunk for the past 6 hours and was having issues standing, and that it had no effect on his amazing beer pong skills was wonderfully fratastic.
by lady fratstar April 25, 2006
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A way to describe an act that is similar to something that may occur in a fraternity party or event. Must be rowdy, crude, awesome, and stupid enough to make sense. Everyone present must be in the process of blacking out on cheap beer and having a blast.
Beer bonging an entire Franzia wine bladder on a Monday night during finals week is fratastic.
by Valerie and Justin March 26, 2008
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being overly frat-boy like (i.e. doing keg-stands before the keg is nearly tapped)
Jeff is way fratastic tonight. He's already pissed in 3 parking lots.
by oumartini February 5, 2003
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Being very Frat boy like; possesing the desirable frat boy qualities.
"Dude, I'm so fratatic, I haven't cut my hair in a year and only own Polo shirts!"
by Ed May 17, 2003
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living in a fratty manner; debauchery, beligerence and yelling words such as "dude","party",and "chug" are some fratty qualities
beer bonging, keg stands and beer pong are my favorite fratastic nightly activities
by jules September 24, 2003
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