The blindingly bright blue lights and red lights strobed by cops to overwhelmingly signify their presence and intimidate others; a highly visible, attention-getting representation of authoritye. Respect it (as Officer/Deputy Cartman would demand).

Not to be confused with black light, disco lights, candle light, or Coor's Light. The police are the only ones enjoying this kind of PARTY in their own power mad, sadistic, or Barney Fife way. You can witness for yourself the giddy celebration following a full-out domination and capture event on many episodes of the 'reality' TV cop shows.
"PARTY LIGHTS are evil tools that scream out: "Trouble !!" -- quite possibly for you, if it appears the PARTY is coming your way."

RAY: "I see PARTY LIGHTS up ahead; better slow down to the speed limit."
JAY: "Well, I see 'em in my rearview, too. I think we must be invited to the PARTY."
RAY: "Watchagunadu?"
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The red dome light used by truckers at truck stops to let prostitutes know they want sex
Girls the party light is on in my big black peterbuilt
by Gertrude January 16, 2015
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A small battery operated light that is not that bright enough and is the only light you have to rely on during a hurricane party for 2 days. And you're hoping that the battery does not go dead during the hurricane party. Also did not light to whole room. a crappy lantern.

During a hurricane the power was out and all I had was a hurricane party light at night for 2 days.

by gccradioscience September 20, 2008
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A party/dance where you wear colours to show you're availability.
Red = Taken
Yellow = Undecided
Green = Single
Guy: Hey babe, wanna dance erotically?
Girl: Cant you see that im in red?
Guy: No, im colour blind.
Girl: Why would you come to a traffic light party if you cant tell what colour people are wearing?
Guy: ..Can we fuck now?
by That guy with a Dent January 9, 2008
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When a homosexual Native American and a straight Asian man 69 each other and puke up each other's appletinis onto each other.
Annyong and Big Bulge got messy last night after a long night of clubbing and had themselves a traffic light party.
by ChipChipperson February 13, 2017
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