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Side tracks where trains are parked overnight and on weekends. Initally used to refer to subway layups, but now can refer to freight-train layups.
Layup are your friend.
by DigDug March 6, 2004
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The pencil attack form!!!

it is a simple drawing done with chalk, grease pencil or paintsticks etc.

it contains a cursive signiture, a simple illustration, and a date... often times there would be a message.
Monikers are cool just don't over do it.

simplicity is the object of monikers.
by DigDug March 8, 2004
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the "act" of doing graffiti on a moving bus or train.

Running along the side of a moving bus or train and tagging it.
Motioning is tricky.

Fat people can't moton tag.
by DigDug March 8, 2004
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Graffiti up high on buildings. refers to the ones done with paint rollers.
by DigDug March 6, 2004
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Pieces is short for masterpiece. it is the utlimate art form in graffiti. it uses painstakingly details and illustrations and usually takes hours or even days to create.
Rock a piece and your the shit.

Pieces badass fuck.
by DigDug March 8, 2004
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Graffiti beyond what it is needed. beyond killed.

also refers to doing someting stupid with graffiti or ddoing something corny.
Dude, I know your out to kill that shit but you can't even read your name anymore! that shit is overkill...
by DigDug March 8, 2004
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see also Inlining.

A technique in piecing or bombing.

Putting a line that goes along the inside of an outline of a letter.
I added the inline late in the piece cuz you fucking interrupted me.
by DigDug March 8, 2004
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