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A smallish pickup truck built by Toyota. Its superior longitudinally-mounted 3.5-Liter V6 engine allows it to utterly stomp any Chevrolet/GMC, Ford, or Dodge/Ram truck that it may encounter. Its only worthy rival is the Nissan Frontier.
GM Driver: "Did you see that?! That guy's Toyota Tacoma passed me like I was standing still! Also this POS I'm driving blew another head gasket!"

Dodge Driver: "Despite my 100 horsepower advantage, this barge of mine is easy prey for Tacomas because it weighs so damn much."

Ford Driver: "But muh E-co-bewst"

Nissan Driver: "Sweet ride, my dude."
by ZoomZoom69 December 03, 2018
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(Not to be confused with the City of Tacoma)

A used to be small truck usually found being driven through remote areas due to its off-road capability.

Older ones were of the compact variety, while newer ones are considered midsize. All generations of Tacoma’s have nevertheless looked very nice - newer models even have a fairly premium interior and respectable exterior styling- and have maintained their almost bulletproof nature.

One can see many of these Tacoma’s on Instagram and other social media platforms sporting an extensive array of - usually palatable- modifications and being affectionately called “Taco” or even “Taco Supreme” if the owner believes their truck is the superior Tacoma.

Due to multiple factors including a dedicated owner base and solid reliability, a Tacoma will always be relatively expensive. A Tacoma will NOT drop in resale value, a later model Tacoma can still cost the same as a brand new one. Even an older 10 year old Tacoma can easily be in the 5 figure price range.

Other Toyota’s relating to the Tacoma include:
Toyota 4Runner Toyota Tundra
Toyota LandCruiser Toyota HiLux
Toyota FJ Cruiser

The closest competition to the Tacoma include:
Honda Ridgeline Chevy Colorado
GMC Canyon Honda Ridgeline Ford Ranger
Nissan Frontier Jeep Wrangler
Person 1: Why’d you buy a Toyota Tacoma? The other trucks seem like they’d fit you a lot better.

Person 2: The aesthetic.

Person 1: Ok but-

Person 2: The aesthetic.
by Santa For President October 20, 2018
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