Someone or Something you want yet aren't supposed to have.
You know if you want that devotchka over there, that's considered forbidden love because of the dolby sound barrier.
by Broken Spokes November 21, 2017
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So I was writing and i thought about this in a story I'm working on, not that you care. Anyway, definitions!:

1.) Crushing from a (safe) distance.
2.) An amour forbidden by family, society, your conscience, etc.
3.) Wanting the best for someone, even if that means you're not with them.
4.) Loving someone who's passed away.
5.) A long distance relationship where you never see each other in person, and you know it won't last.
6.) Cheating
7.) Chocolate
1., 3.) He watched her everyday, never letting her know, just to make sure she was okay.
2., 4.) See The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliette by William Shakespeare, West Side Story, Dark Shadows, etc. They're loaded with forbidden love stories.
5.) Remember to visit each other! They say distance doesn't matter when you're in love, but they're wrong. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or forgetful.
6.) (sigh)
7.) Scenario:

"No more chocolate. You'll ruin the enamel on your teeth!"

by The Quiz-Trivian-Naire November 5, 2014
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When you love someone you can 't have. Like, if you've loved someone for a long way but they don't love you back or don't know you love them and have another partner. There's also a forbidden crush, which is similar.
"I love him. I always have. But I can't have him."

"Damn straight. He's got a girlfriend who he's crazy about! It's a forbidden love."
by justme00 May 5, 2008
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To be forbidden from someone.
No not just someone. Your one true love
you cant have them
you cant want them
you just cant
your forbid!
someone:"Eden you cant love her. You cant see her. You cant!"
Eden: "Uh so shes my forbidden love?"
by love09 August 3, 2007
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The worst thing that can happen. Sadly, it hapens in many ways.
1)they will never love you back. Sad but oddly, easy to recover when you meet someone else. Usually resulting in you thinking "screw you your loss"
2)Society won't let you be together. This hasn't happened since Romeo and Juliette, so I'm not gonna explain it.
3)You love eachother but distance separates you. The worst one. The one I've personnally experianced myself. I lived on California coast, he lived in Reno nevada. We met at camp, loved eachother completly, but then camp was over.You turn into a mess for about 3weeks to a month. Then you think about them, but no more tears. You never fully recover, you just have to move on. Any love will destroy you, so just avoid it if possible.
1) Psh, whatever. I got someone better then you and it's your loss.So much for forbidden love
2)But...we can never be together, everyone forbids it
3)I miss you.
by chocolatelove22 April 19, 2009
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To be forbidden from someone.

No not just someone, your one true love.

you cant have them.
you cant want them.
you just cant!

Because its forbidden to fuck a goat!
But you live in a 3rd world country so who cares.
Muhammad : Hey Ahmed, I think I'm in love.
Ahmed: that's great! Who's the lucky girl?
Muhamed: Betsy, I love her Ahmed!
Ahmed: That's my goat you bastard! It is forbidden!
Muhamed: Yes ahmed "forbidden" love!
by Dirty_dawg69 October 28, 2017
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Forbidden love is when two people are in love but the age difference is too big, normally the girl is underage and a minor and too young and the guy is too old...usually it always end up the man goes to prison for having sex with the person hel loves because of her young age, even if he wanted to marry her.....he could also end up getting killed by her parents. most of the time people see these older people as predators and could also be true but some really do love each other and make it and live happily ever after. its very extremely rare though. they normally always get arrested or killed
they can't be together, that love is forbidden. that is forbidden love.. the last part was extra, urban dictionary made me add the exact words together.
by Megasus Thrist Jesus Christ April 22, 2022
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