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1. To say why come, or how come.
2. Meaning why, but to add for in the beggining.
1.Mom: "Clean up your room now!"
Son: "For why?"

2.Recee: "Emily got jumped yesterday!"
Jane': "For why?"
by Crispee~aka~Folk December 08, 2004
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A phrase used in the same context as for what and elicits responses like WTF did you say from anyone educated in the American Educational sysetm
American: Can you hand me that?
illegal: For why?
American: What the fuck did you say?
Illegal: For why?
American: oh. ok. I thought so.
by avarrius April 13, 2008
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Friend: yo I smoked crack today
Me: forwhy the fuck did you do that ?
by Bzinnoo April 27, 2017
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