1. To say why come, or how come.
2. Meaning why, but to add for in the beggining.
1.Mom: "Clean up your room now!"
Son: "For why?"

2.Recee: "Emily got jumped yesterday!"
Jane': "For why?"
by Crispee~aka~Folk December 8, 2004
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A phrase used in the same context as for what and elicits responses like WTF did you say from anyone educated in the American Educational sysetm
American: Can you hand me that?
illegal: For why?
American: What the fuck did you say?
Illegal: For why?
American: oh. ok. I thought so.
by avarrius April 14, 2008
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When u don’t understand why someone is being extremely stupid for
“For why are u like this” -Kalea and Ashley 2018
by Kaleaaaaa n Ashleyyyyy April 14, 2019
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Because “for what” doesn’t make sense
For why would he have done that?
by Playboyleche May 25, 2021
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“For why, though...what’d you gain
by Ct head June 15, 2020
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Why do why heh
why are you here
Why Not
why a not
"WHY ?"
why tho
Why Not Not
this is why i'm hot
why did you look this up
why just why
Why the fuck not
Blackburn's law
But why
why are you looking this up
why do you do
why tf am I friends with you ppl
why train
as why
For why
Why it hard
Fuck you, that's why
why do i exist
by RamenHair🍜 September 12, 2020
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Me: why?
Person: .....why what?
Me: Just, why?
by Ace5017 November 10, 2016
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