Why do why heh
why are you here
Why Not
why a not
"WHY ?"
why tho
Why Not Not
this is why i'm hot
why did you look this up
why just why
Why the fuck not
Blackburn's law
But why
why are you looking this up
why do you do
why tf am I friends with you ppl
why train
as why
For why
Why it hard
Fuck you, that's why
why do i exist
by RamenHair🍜 September 12, 2020
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why god why
by November 14, 2020
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When someone is shocked at something that has happened and is speechless
by obl6ng July 24, 2019
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The term used by overly dramatic people when something thing doesn't quite go their way.
Normal person: Sorry, but you didn't get the part.
Overly dramatic person: Why oh why? Life is cruel! I HATE YOU!!!!
by crazy.wild.free February 26, 2012
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Why oh why’s are a particular type of defecation in which the passer of said stool is left sweating on the toilet, contemplating their food and life choices as the cramp-inducing, potentially fiery fecal matter violently passes through their turd cutter.
-Yo, has anyone seen Steve?

-He’s been in the bathroom for a half hour; think he’s dealing with some why oh why’s. He probably gonna post a pic in the group chat of it soon.
by ProfessorBartholomewButt July 2, 2022
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Is used to express yourself that your sad that a Llama (or another person) left you, your group or anything that involves him/her and you (thats what she said)
*Llama has left your Xbox Live party*
Person 1: Why Llama? WHY?!
by DamnITSaAngel July 30, 2011
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