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the firm and visceral sense that modernity sucks, even though, by all rights, it should not; anti-revolution; anti-progressivism; usually triggered by observation of one or more of the following: women are less pleasant and/or men are wimpier than they should be, foreigners are everywhere they shouldn't be, mankind is getting stupider, the more democratic things are the more corrupt they seem to be, ugliness is everywhere and getting worse.
After recognizing the vapid status seeking of his "progressive" neighbors, the hopeless ignorance of the electorate, Bill decided to plant his feet on the side of The Reaction.
by nicky_steves April 13, 2013
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A provoked outburst, following piss-taking by friends.
"Look at the size of your lips Joe"

"Fuck off Lewis, you're such a dick"

"Reaction acheived!!!!!!!"
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
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œ‘‹›ˆü—´Œ?'s most famous gayass.
Why do you want to learn œ‘‹›ˆü—´Œ?? reaction!
by Zen-Aku August 28, 2003
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