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is an extremely important philosophy in life. It is beach culture developed by some unique non-hippie residing in hongcouver. the phrase, sometimes abbreviated as FTB, encompasses several beach cultures.
"for the beachers" are usually muscular with abdominal muscles and guns and exhibit beach-style clothing and behaviour. there are several FTB personalities depending on attire: the classy casual beacher in a dress shirt and white shorts, the bob marley beacher covered with a rainbow of color smoking a J, the sailor man beacher with a hat and wayfarer shades, and the brazilian soccer player beacher with long sexy curly hair.
Any action done "for the beach" signifies a special meaning to the action in that it would add to the "for the beach" value of the person. eating lots of protein instead of sushi is justified as being "for the beach" and the person will be praised for his "for the beachness" with fist pumps.
anything is permissible as long as it is FTB.
by forthebeachy May 25, 2011
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