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A slang term for the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Used because of the high amount of Chinese/Asian people living in the Lower Mainland.
"Vancouver, or as we call it down here, Hongcouver, they can fight for those jobs, but may the best province win." - Arnold Schwarzenegger
by Chris Par March 14, 2004
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The city of Vancouver, which has a large population of transplanted Chinese from Hong Kong. Not necessarily a slur, just a funny word. It can refer to any china town district.
Synonym: "Chinglishville"
Antonyms:a)"Bubbatown", a place inhabited exclusivly by red neck Caucasians. b)"Biffsburgh", white suburb.
Hey, I'm hungry for Chinese; let's pop over to Hongcouver.
by allen anderson May 23, 2006
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A popular slang word used mostly amongst people inhabiting Vancouver, British Columbia. as a reference to the vast amount of asians living there. (60% Asain to be exact)
Bill: Hey tom where are you going this weekend?
Tom: I'm going down to Hong Couver..
Bill: Shit son, bring your chinese/english dictionary.
by JuiceBawx October 15, 2009
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