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a teacher you hate they a bitch and a teacher they don't give a heck what your is goikg on but when they do they really overreact and be extra and shi
manny:my teacher is a tweak

Mikey: it's a beacher y2k
manny: ohhh yea ofc
by 7uliette_ April 02, 2019
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When a turd is so big that half of it is in the water and half of it is stuck out on the dry part of the a beached whale.
Hey Jeremy come check out this fat beacher i just dropped in the toilet.
by Brent Mixon April 26, 2006
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A name referring to people going to or near the beach for vacation. A tourist .
Towns near the beach are usually sparsely populated, but when summer comes around waves of beachers crowd the streets, shops, and beaches.
by I do stuff sometimes June 02, 2016
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