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A very fat male or female prostitute who will trade sexual favors for fast food instead of drugs. Usually seen outside of mc donalds or burger king chasing down people in their cars at the drive thru asking if they like to party.

also somebody who shows up at cookouts (usually uninvited) just for the free food and beer, drinks all the beer, makes an ass out of him/herself, creeps out all the chicks, leaves early, and goes home with enough food to feed their whole family for a week and when I say something about how much food they're leaving with, they act like I'm the asshole!!!
A food whore will do the following things:

suck your whopper for a whopper, choke your chicken for a mc chicken, and tickle your sack for a big mac.

"I'm never inviting food whore bob to any of my cookouts again. He drank all the beer, got shit faced and started acting a fool. He yelled "yeah fuck niggers" really loud during a conversation that had nothing to do with that. He also creeped out all the ladies there and tried hitting on all of them (even the ugly ones, and the married ones in front of their husbands or b/f's) using weird pick up lines. Then when he went home only 2 hours after the cook out started (which I'm thankful for), he took home enough food to live on for a few days leaving not nearly enough for the crowd, then when john said something about that, bob started cursing john out in front of some little kids calling him a nigger lover and threatening to rape him in the ass with a samurai sword."
by A WHITE GUY March 11, 2014
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1.Somebody who shows up at your house, party or bbq just for food.

See mooch
Stop eatin all the godamn cheetos you fuckin food whore!
by RichyRich September 25, 2005
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A person that will do anything for food.

Someone that is always around where food is.
You are such a food whore , you smelled food and you got her ASAP.
by Frozty April 23, 2010
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1. thin attractive girls who have eating as a hobby, when they are bored, or just to eat
2. eating a lot and never getting fat
3. eating a lot and becoming a fat lard
1. olivia and maricel have "food whore" moments because they eat every 30 min on the hour
2. olivia is a food whore because she eats many cupcakes and can still fit into her jeans the next day
3. maricel is a food whore because she eats a pound of chocolate and cannot fit into her jeans the next day
by Maricel September 19, 2005
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A woman who performs sexual acts based on previous meal purchased.
Him: "I have two not so G-Rated Questions for you, you ready for them? lol. What's your cup size now? And how do you feel about anal? lol Just wondering."

Her: "Uhhh pay for dinner and anal is a maybe. Only if I can get steak and three drinks. I might even suck your dick. The night is young. Hell you can stick a finger in my butt if you get me dessert."

Him: "Yes! I love food whores!"
by XOX from PDX June 24, 2014
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Somebody who is willing to trade sexual favors for food...
Random Girl: I'm so hungry, wanna buy me some food and I will perform sexual favors for you?
Random Guy: Your such a foodwhore...
by foodwhore March 08, 2006
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