When you go to places that usually serve good food and you get served crappy food with crappy service. Then you decide to go to krispy kreme and it turns out they dont have original glazzed.
Danny: Dude those burgers sucked and the fries were hard as fk.
NIck: Yeah dude..... lets go to krispy kreme.
20 min of driving later at krispy kreme
Danny: Dudue they Dont Have ORIGINAL GLAZZED WTF!!!!!
by nick and djr November 14, 2011
Completely and totally stuffed with food.
Sallie says"God damn i'm fucking full as shit" Jordan says "I'm beyond full, I'm food fucked."
by Dickson Yamuda August 29, 2010
When you're eating something, like pizza for example, and a piece falls off and rolls down your shirt, pants and then hits your shoe before touching the ground.
Wow look at the spaghetti sauce trail down that guy... he totally got food fucked.
by Banchou January 16, 2011
Feeling sleepy and/or lazy after eating a large meal. Also known as "The Itis".
"I just got myself food-fucked at the Chinese Buffet down the street. I'm gonna go take a nap."
by Mark71 October 1, 2007
The almost sexual pleasure derived from tasting every molecule in food that you love to eat.
This delectable Snickers bar is giving me a food fuck .
by mong returns November 25, 2017
The less classy college student's version of the winedine69. A meal of some sort followed by sexual intercourse.
-How was your date last night?
~ Oh, you know.. the usual food n' fuck
by CKAA November 12, 2010
Food you would not make (cook) for someone who is just a friend. When you make this food for someone you want to fuck them.
Beth: He made me sushi becuase my back hurt.

Friend: Dude did you fuck him?

Beth: No! It was just a friend thing.

Friend: No fucking way! He served you fuck food!

Beth: What are talking about?

Friend: Sushi is not a friend food. He went through the effort to make Sushi....meaning he wanted a piece of ASS!
by Fuck Food Rocks! May 5, 2009