truly popularised by comic artist iharthdarth on livejournal.com verbalising the sound you would hear when Vader falls flat on his face.
Palpatine: 'Walk forth my minion!' Vader: FOMP
Palpatine: 'OK yeah, we're going to have to work on that entrance there kiddo.'
by kiptrip June 21, 2005
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Fear of missing phone. Irrational sensation or intense terror and complete dread like the world is ending. Usually followed by a tremendous feeling of relief of finding phone (ROFP)
I had the worst FOMP last night when I noticed my phone wasn't on me.

Dude I FOMPing hard here. My roid is gone!
by JsonHunt March 25, 2019
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fomping is when a girl stands on her head while pooping and lets it run into her vagina, and then proceeds to have intercourse. i had to make up a definition for this word because pornolize.com uses it, and neither i nor any of my friends have been able to find a definition for it.
by neathery nuts March 26, 2005
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The sound made when falling flat on one's face after a complete plastic surgery makeover. A la Darth Vader uon reconstrunction.

First seen: iharthdarth comics on Livejournal
"Dude, they powered him up and he then he just fell. With a huge fomp."
by MarthaMay July 17, 2005
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