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A super nice a sweat guy. He loves to help others, and cares for all things down to the very least. He has a loving heart and a clean mind. He is the best most caring boyfriend a girl can ask for. He a caring person for all and everything.
Josh : flynts such a good guy.
Jamie: yea he is.
by Howdi March 15, 2017
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A Flynt is also known as someone that likes big black penis in his ear
Blake: What the fuck are you doing dude?
Farley: Just playing my DS dude
Blake: *Opens door*
Blake: Yuck dude that's a shit DS
Farley: Did you also notice the cock in my ear?
Blake: Shit! My sister is such a Flynt
by Bradly Cope July 11, 2016
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Flynt's are pretty rare and usually have distinct features. Whether it be their personality or physical appearance, Flynts tend to have unique qualities. They can be witty, serious and sometimes hard to read. If you know a Flynt be aware because they tend to play mindgames.
He doesn't look like he would have an ordinary name. He is such a Flynt.
by EzraS April 13, 2017
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