something that's a total mismatch in a fruits and vegetables freezer of a community center.
boy a) flowers, in the fruits and vegetables freezer of a community center (wtf lines appear on his face)

boy b: i don't know, some retard brought them in here. people don't eat flowers right, especially poor people looking for food during the winter at their community center.
by Sexydimma August 18, 2013
pretty things that i really like. for some reason I really love smelling their beautiful perfumes. it makes me sad when they die. they r pretty and soft
flowers are pretty just like me
i wish someone would give me some flowers
by brownmouththeclown February 22, 2021
Someone who is a pussy. They are also soft.
That man is a flower. He gets offended at everything.
by PandaSlayer0077 June 2, 2021
It's a kind of plant.They're very colorful and there's lots of different kinds of flowers like Daisy,sunflowers,roses etc.I love flowers because they also smell lovely!some smell like honey!:)that's why I love flowers😀
I saw lots of flowers on her backyard
by Fuck you bitch lets have sex February 4, 2017