Florentina is a very kind and smart person. You can always count on her - she will be there for your. To have a Florentina as your friend is goals!
Florentina is a very kind person!
by 1jana1 November 24, 2021
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A very sexy person with many bitches on her dick. Still, she stays celibate, and faithful to our lord. She possesses a fat cat and will run after cats and ducks if she spots them in public.

Uses „yourmom,, frequently.
Wow, who’s that girl in the lake?
Is she stealing a duck?
Must be a Florentina.
by Your44mom1 May 31, 2021
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A hot chick who deserves better than she's got. She's the one who's nice to the wrecked crack heads and their pets. She usually has an asshole boyfriend who doesn't appreciate her. She's usually oblivious to the pack of guys who all wish she was in their beds! She's a tiger who'll drain your nuts and have you begging for more.
girl: See that asshole over there? Hes a dick to his girlfriend
other girl: She must be a Florentina
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
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"Miruna" with it's short version "Miru" or diminutive "Mirunica" is a girl's name.
Her personality is extremely spicy. She's perfect in every way. She's a beautiful person inside and out. This girl is amazing and if you have her, keep her. Her body is so hot . She can be a bit weird at times, most of the time, but who isn't? She has beautiful eyes and amazing hair. She's a fraierica and gives great hugs. She's also got a nice butt, i miss her but she makes me angry. Sexy girl, fraiericaaaaa, she's wifey material.
person 1: damn, who's that?

person 2: It's Miruna Florentina, she's new and hot as hell.

person 1: she seems cool. I should talk to her.
by CosminTheDon November 25, 2021
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A woman who want to fuck with a music producer in special "tyga, drill and club banger beats" like Alin
Ilie Florentina want to fuck with Alin

Her its a teacher
by Metrostarr05 March 16, 2023
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