7 definitions by Bluvelvet72

A dick that never grew past age 3. A disappointment. baby dick
veronica: I'm gonna break up with Rob. But first, I'm gonna show everyone this pic of his pinky prick!
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
A hot chick who deserves better than she's got. She's the one who's nice to the wrecked crack heads and their pets. She usually has an asshole boyfriend who doesn't appreciate her. She's usually oblivious to the pack of guys who all wish she was in their beds! She's a tiger who'll drain your nuts and have you begging for more.
girl: See that asshole over there? Hes a dick to his girlfriend
other girl: She must be a Florentina
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
tiny corn kernel looking teef that are way too small for a adult mouth. Looks ugly with big gums. Meth mouth
brenda: I hate kissing mIke. His mouth only has 8 baby teef!
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
A very sad penis with a giant helmet and no neck. aka Mushroom tip. GNome hat or bridget the midget.
Carla; Josh is all head and no shaft.
bianca: You'd been better off getting a butt plug
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
any one or all of your toenails that have hardened by fungus and overgrown to a point resembling a hook or a claw. it will scratch you if it gets near your legs or rip your sheets. Can also be seen ripping through a knee high or painted badly in flip flops. Usually includes a crusty thick skinned ashy foot
girlfriend: I'm so tired of your busted up hook nail rippin' up my Martha Stewart sheets you broke ass nigga
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
a term used to describe a wrecked broad..A crack whore. An old douche bag gone through menopause..
girl: Sylvia needs to get some of them hormones! Shes got pubes growing out of her chin!
other girl: Smoking that glass dick don't help her witch chin either!
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018
a serious case of the shits! also referred to as "wet tail"
guy: Hey, you coming out tonight?
other guy: Nah man. I had some taco smell last night and now I've got Mud butt!
by Bluvelvet72 July 27, 2018