1 definition by CosminTheDon

"Miruna" with it's short version "Miru" or diminutive "Mirunica" is a girl's name.
Her personality is extremely spicy. She's perfect in every way. She's a beautiful person inside and out. This girl is amazing and if you have her, keep her. Her body is so hot . She can be a bit weird at times, most of the time, but who isn't? She has beautiful eyes and amazing hair. She's a fraierica and gives great hugs. She's also got a nice butt, i miss her but she makes me angry. Sexy girl, fraiericaaaaa, she's wifey material.
person 1: damn, who's that?

person 2: It's Miruna Florentina, she's new and hot as hell.

person 1: she seems cool. I should talk to her.
by CosminTheDon November 25, 2021