"Miruna" with it's short version "Miru" or diminutive "Mirunica" is a girl's name comming from the greak name Myron. Myron comes from "mir" meaning aromatic oil, the type used for baptism in christian churches.

It is found in Romania, however is actually rather uncommon.

Mirunas are often loud and cheerful, open-minded and great friends. The consider themselyes "undeffinable" and are proud of their individuality. Sometimes like to go undercover and pretend they are someone else They are amazing by nature and often surround themselves by other amazing persons. You rarely can meet more than one Miruna in your life cause they are very rare but absolutely amazing.
You're such a Miruna! I've never heard a name like yours before!
by gogaknows September 22, 2011
This is the name of the hottest babe out there. She is sexy and seductive as hell. She can get anything she wants with her charms. Miruna has the best friends in the world and the hottest boyfriends (yes, plural) in the school. She is very picky with guys and if you betray her trust it is hard to get it back. Don't get in her way or she will ruin you. Miruna has a beautiful body and can be as hot as she can be the cuttest girlie ever. She is also as stylish in her fashion choices as she is funny. She shops waay too much but it doesn't matter because her sugar daddy covers the expenses.
Damn that chick Miruna is HOT
by sappysugar December 5, 2018
Miruna is such a nice and caring person, she always thinks about others before herself, although don't get on her bad side, she can be very scary when you talk bad things about her loved ones !
" Hey ! There comes Miruna"

"Be sure to not talk anything about her love ones !"

"Oh ok, yeah last time was scary.."
by pipas November 29, 2021
If your name is Miruna you have condoleanțele mele.
Scared of bombe.
When someone wanted să se apropie de mine I told him : "zon't...zon't zu it, zon't"
Aunt: " Miruna is a beautiful name"
Me: " Its a fucking ugly name"
by Leislost November 21, 2021
Miruna is a fucking goddess and shevlieks a guy with the letter J she is also horrible at maths and good at several sports.
Miruna is bad at maths but she got a good grade this year in the test
by MIRUNCHILI November 27, 2021
Miruna is the name of the prettiest girls in the entire world.They are confident,they have good style and they're probably secretly closeted.
I love MIRUNA !She's so gorgeous and confident.
by imdyinglol March 24, 2021
"Miruna" with it's short version "Miru" or diminutive "Mirunica" is a girl's name.
Her personality is extremely spicy. She's perfect in every way. She's a beautiful person inside and out. This girl is amazing and if you have her, keep her. Her body is so hot . She can be a bit weird at times, most of the time, but who isn't? She has beautiful eyes and amazing hair. She's a fraierica and gives great hugs. She's also got a nice butt, i miss her but she makes me angry. Sexy girl, fraiericaaaaa, she's wifey material.
person 1: damn, who's that?

person 2: It's Miruna Florentina, she's new and hot as hell.

person 1: she seems cool. I should talk to her.
by CosminTheDon November 25, 2021