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"Miruna" with it's short version "Miru" or diminutive "Mirunica" is a girl's name comming from the greak name Myron. Myron comes from "mir" meaning aromatic oil, the type used for baptism in christian churches.

It is found in Romania, however is actually rather uncommon.

Mirunas are often loud and cheerful, open-minded and great friends. The consider themselyes "undeffinable" and are proud of their individuality. Sometimes like to go undercover and pretend they are someone else They are amazing by nature and often surround themselves by other amazing persons. You rarely can meet more than one Miruna in your life cause they are very rare but absolutely amazing.
You're such a Miruna! I've never heard a name like yours before!
by gogaknows September 22, 2011
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