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Alin comes from the word beauty.

Beauty of nature.
In arabic 'alin' give the meaning of nobility of faith. The word that comes from Ali.

Alin can be recognized as a talkative , brilliant, excellent and smart. When she smile , she remain beauty in her face.

She always have a confident when she hangout with her friends but she a little shy when it comes with boys. She doesnt like to talk with a boy so much but when she in love with someone she is the sweetiest person in the world!

She like to wear spectacles because she have a tiny eyes. She likes to play old song and pop song but she doesnt like kpop song.
Alin is beauty. Beauty eyes . Tiny eyes but she is literally cute in some ways.
by Zereos11 December 28, 2016
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Dumbass and a annoying guy who will probably make you laugh and cry sometimes.
He can be dark and he loves dark humor as much as he loves not socializing
Alin is dark at times
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by yeetsreet July 06, 2018
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Descendant of the great titan Atlas. Founder of Stalinskaya vodka. Hung like a horse. Loves to smoke ganja and is an all around G.
Man... Let's do something cool! You feel like pulling an Alin?
by PurpNugget May 28, 2010
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Alin descents from the famous dictator Stalin, but is more closely related to an “Alin” which is the reproductive organ of a female jelly-fish. These deep-sea jellyfishes live in the Mariana Trench, relating in a poor development of eye-sight, and weird torture fetishes. Alin is consider in the same family of animals as Smurfs, Goblins and Sea-horses, and are considered to be weak, and incapable of defending itself.
Characteristics of an Alin:
- Pale white skin.
- A deep voice, that makes you feel like cutting the “Alin”’ throat.
- A obsession of telling bad jokes.
by Wikipedia.EU December 04, 2007
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