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A boyfriend who likes his friends more than you, hardly calls you and sees you twice a week on average.
Sorry I missed your call, my phone was off or in my car or I was out with my friends or playing video games (aka I'm an Asshole Boyfriend who sucks majorly)
by 1977misfits May 24, 2009
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The boy who is suppose to be sweet, loving and tender but is a complete jerk who forgets to hold the door open for you. He also hates all your friends and gets mad when you hangout with anyone else besides him.
Girl: I am going to go this party tonight, wanna come?
Guy: No, I don't like the guy who is throwing it.
Girl: oh okay, I am going with some girlfriends then
Guy:No you aren't going
Girl: Yes I am why do you care If I go or not
Guy:You are stupid

Guy then proceeds to be a complete jerk the rest of the night.
Girl mumbles..ugh he is such an asshole boyfriend
by Pissed2theT December 31, 2011
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