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Adj. Floofy
V. Floofed, Floofing

A hybrid form of the words "Poofy" and "Fluffy." Like its derivative words, Floofy generally describes something --usually an inanimate object-- as being light and airy. It is commonly understood at something pleasant as it connotes thoughts of feathers, clouds, pillows, freshly washed bunny fur and other soft amiable objects.
Ex. I awoke from the most pleasant dream where I was resting in a massive, floofy field of marshmallows.

Ex. Her beautiful white dress was floofing with layers of lace beneath the sheer silky exterior.

Ex. In her 1989 prom photo, Darlene had her long, blonde hair floofed up in large, flowing curls.
by becki sanders July 03, 2006
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Adjective describing something that is fluffy and/or poofy, that is to say, extremely soft to the touch and lacking mass.
My bed's so floofy, it's like sleeping on a cloud.
by Stephanie M. January 16, 2004
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Very fluffy and soft in feeling, usually associated with freshly blow dried hair or fuzzy, fleece like materials.
My dog's fur was extremely floofy after being freshly washed.
via giphy
by icecream1119 December 30, 2017
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It's it a hybrid between 'Fluffy' and 'Poofy' So when something is 'floofy' it is big and fluffy.
''OMG! This cat is so floofy!''
by Lociki December 24, 2013
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floooooffy flooofffyyyy flooOOOOOOOFFFFF

kind of a cross between fluffy and poofy

ciara: flooofy flooooooofffffyyyyyyy flOOOOOOFFFFFYYYY
sim: flooo flooo floooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
random person: yes, that rabbit is floofy
by thirteensbitch January 29, 2019
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