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Literally means, i am elite and you are shit.
exact words.
Say leetsauce to anyone you just pwned,chances are they will have heard, but have the wrong definition.
by Angillas November 25, 2008
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Adjective- Used to describe a state of entirely wearing gear that is extremely rare or valuable.
Me: Dude I replaced shat shitty blue last night, I'm full epic.
Josh: siiiiick
by Angillas September 15, 2008
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A crow that caws like an eagle
person a: What is that bird in the tree there? It's huge. It sounds like an eagle but looks like a crow.
person b: It's a Creagle.
by Angillas July 10, 2021
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Death Dot. It's Runescape term used by PK'ers(player killers) in which players stand on top of each other which gives the appearance on the mini map that there is only one person there.

Ever since the game designers fucked up pvp, the DD is useless.
Yo everyone DD, we are gonna gank this newb rofl
by Angillas June 29, 2009
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