When a cat lays in a relaxed fashion on it's back and looks fluffy.
Shanna the Ragdoll Cat was floofing on the floor all morning.
by CatWordzz August 5, 2018
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To cuddle and/or strangle another creature with one's floofiness
by VoreLatias June 3, 2017
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When you are under the covers in bed and you lift them up and let all the cold air in. Horrible in winter but quite refreshing in warmer seasons.
Stop floofing, boyfriend, I only just got warm.
by Wierd Fishs 40 January 31, 2017
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I was in a pissy mood so I spent the night floofing assholes on NextDoor.
by Bluemeringue July 31, 2018
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Floof (derived from "fluff") is an adjective used to describe a ridiculously fluffy object or an animal (usually a long-haired cat or an equally hairy dog).

It can also be used as a verb to "floof" someone, but this only applies to the furry fandom in which one furry uses his/her fur (in the case of a long-haired furry, again a canine or feline) to overwhelm his/her friend with fluffy fur.

It can also be used as a cute non-malicious scolding or a cheering word.

Alternate spellings: Floofzorz, fl00f, fl00fz0rz.
ad. My cat Jimmy is floofy.

v. I wanna floof you/I floofed Vincent yesterday.

In context of calling someone, "Oh you floof. ^^" or "It's to the far left you floof!".
by Cid SilverWing January 13, 2008
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hufffmans hair
by JIMMY JOHND March 23, 2018
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