Flakey, but more eccentric.
"Sandra is a bit... floofy."
"Yes. You know. Floofy."
by Fugoffwngker June 7, 2020
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When something (usually an animal) is purely amazing/wonderful. The term is usually used in an extremely high pitched voice and used describing cats.
Holy Poptarts in a pencil sharpener, that cat is so FLOOFY.
by MapleWhisker January 3, 2019
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A fluffy and poofy style. Sometimes knotty, but amazingly cute.
Wow, Kim's hair looked extremely floofy today.
by FieryPhoenix December 16, 2014
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A nickname used to refer to a person, usually with a large poofy mane of hair. Used for males or females.
Here comes Floofy.
by Puppy Boy September 12, 2021
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