it is a common misconception that this word means fluffy, but infact it actualy means something extreamly soft and fluffy, but it must have something to do with homersimpson tap dancing whilst looking vague.
My Bedroom is very floofy
by vicky and gracie October 2, 2006
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to be floofy is lame, silly, wishy washy, and otherwise irresposible and inconcrete.
ex. Floofy people wear uggs with those poofy skirts
ex 2. We have something totally floofy to do since there is a substitute teacher.
by estefaneia April 11, 2005
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ex. 1 : "ew, my hair is all floofy today!"
ex. 2 : "what's that ugly floofy thing in the toilet?"
ex. 3 : "why is your cooch all floofy?"
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Used in reference to a man's butt, the perfect balance between flat and poofy: the perfect butt.
Girl 1: "OMG look at Tom's butt!!"
Girl 2: "That sure is a floofy if I've ever seen one."
Girl 1: "I haven't seen a floofy like that since Channing Tatum in The Vow!"
Girl 2: "Thank God for Olympic diving."
by Ass Kisser July 21, 2013
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a word two bisexual girls make up when they can't agree on another term to call themselves.
"nah, why don't we just go by floofy?"
by Miss Arizona November 3, 2006
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Scarves worn by trendy French men.
Don't go out without your favorite floofy-doovin.
by Kuerioz February 6, 2015
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