A floofy pupperino is a pupperino that is floofier than it is tall
omg that is such a floofy pupperino!
by YOUR OPINION IS TRASH January 17, 2020
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To be poofy, yet is made up of solid items.
Piles of brussel sprouts, feathers, or hair would all be floofy.
by PWG August 23, 2006
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Furry term denoting a very soft amiable male/female furry ass/vagina. (possibly both in the case of female furry)
"That is one nice piece of floofy tail." floofy tail
by Jay_the_Dead February 21, 2018
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a yellow coloured "thing" in which someone floofs with.
this only happens, however at 6.32PM in a secluded forest somewhere around the midlands.
do not mistake this with "yellow floofers" as these are highly different and this mistake can get you into a large amount of trouble.
please disregard all other entries.
A"is it time?"
B"i think so"
A"get the yellow floofy thing"
by rathsangatas drink November 2, 2004
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How white dog/cat owners describe their 8 year old pet which is slowly dying due to it's sheer morbid obesity from eating literally nothing but Hot Pockets and Pop Tarts.
Veterinarian: Sir, your pet is dying and is severely overweight, I would be concerned about it if I were you.
Bobby: Floofy chonky boi!
by OneSharkyBoi April 7, 2020
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