Floof (derived from "fluff") is an adjective used to describe a ridiculously fluffy object or an animal (usually a long-haired cat or an equally hairy dog).

It can also be used as a verb to "floof" someone, but this only applies to the furry fandom in which one furry uses his/her fur (in the case of a long-haired furry, again a canine or feline) to overwhelm his/her friend with fluffy fur.

It can also be used as a cute non-malicious scolding or a cheering word.

Alternate spellings: Floofzorz, fl00f, fl00fz0rz.
ad. My cat Jimmy is floofy.

v. I wanna floof you/I floofed Vincent yesterday.

In context of calling someone, "Oh you floof. ^^" or "It's to the far left you floof!".
by Cid SilverWing January 13, 2008
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hufffmans hair
by JIMMY JOHND March 23, 2018
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Hair that is very fluffy to the extent of being fluffier than the fluffiest cloud you've ever seen.
Eli's hair has maxed out on the floof bar.
by mayhemicBear January 9, 2014
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The glorious hair style worn by Martin L. Gore in the 1980's.
Man, Martin's Floof is looking damn fine tonight.
by addieeeeeee January 15, 2009
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(noun form) 1. Something soft and fluffy to the touch
2. Anything adorable, loveable, or darling that inspires mushy feelings in someone.

(verb form) 1. To feel and/or express the mushy feelings inspired by something adorable, loveable, or darling.
(Noun form)
1. "The little chick's soft feathers were floofy and yellow."
2. "I saw them kissing yesterday- it was the best floof I've seen all week."

(Verb form)
1(a). "She's so cute when she talks like that! I'm floofing all over!"
1(b). "Something really romantic happened today- I'll floof about it to you later."
by Suu April 28, 2006
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The purest of the pure form of fluff
by Nycio Alco August 29, 2018
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When a cat lays in a relaxed fashion on it's back and looks fluffy.
Shanna the Ragdoll Cat was floofing on the floor all morning.
by CatWordzz August 5, 2018
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