Man: I'm Trying To Float The Boat!
Woman: Try Harder! My Ass Is Getting Cold!
by AlexPower August 16, 2008
A way of smoking meth or coke.

Place drug in tin foil.
Light tin foil from underneath.
Smoke it through a straw.
Some people refer to smoking meth from tin foil as free basing but I know it as floating a boat.
by nikkkkkk October 29, 2012
The annonomous 'Float the Boat', was introduced at Mike Catalano's friendly gathering. After the consumption of sum "15 beers", the inner kane, tkane, white choclate was truly revealed with the chanting of Irish folk, and the ever so famous "float the boat"...we refer this float the boat saying, when someone is completly smashed, hammered, or simply crunk
Yo, who's gonna Float the Boat this weekend?
by garrett goodman May 1, 2005
If you love suspense and thrills, this movie is guaranteed to float your boat.
by kdejong February 10, 2017
1. When the guy in a straight relationship completely obeys the girl. He may also be very shy in public yet very aggressive among other men.
2. When the girl in the relationship is a camera whore and forces a complacent guy to take exessive pictures with her.
3. When the guy in a relationship always tells the girl, "Whatever floats your boat."
"Dam. That guys needs to grow a spine. He keeps floating the boat."
by azer29 October 13, 2006
What ever makes you hard or gives a guy an erection. Makes the penis rise, or 'float'.
Float my boat:
Every time I see a topless woman on the beach... Oh man, that really floats my boat!
by Zagila May 5, 2016