A response to a question common in Infosec circles that directly translates to, "no one has the time to help you fuck off"
Q: I have enumerated the box over and over and I still cant seem to find any credentials, I can't think of another way in
A: Try Harder
by garytheslacker March 16, 2020
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someone who trys wayyy to hard and spends to much time to be good at something that is pointless
joe: man, this guy has been playing call of duty for 3 day straight and has prestiged 15 times.
brian: what a try harder.
by denny xMDx June 30, 2011
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A try hard at gta 5 who buys oppressers and kills everyone
I got killed by a gta 5 try harder last night
by Funny ha March 13, 2020
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What people will say if you get beaten badly in a game.
"Oh you're so bad at this game! L+ratio+try harder"
by tasssssssssssss March 7, 2023
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