This is fo shizzle from the 50z. This be a quote dat defines something as being entertaining.

White guy 2: Hello fellow White neighbhor!
White guy 1: This day tickles your fancy! Doesnt it? It does mine!
-Guy pulls up in car-

White guy 1: Hello Fellow citizen!

Guy in car: Yo What?!?!?
White guy 1: This day tickles my fancy.
Guy in car: You gay nizzle.
by Gangsta plat October 31, 2013
Verb: Causing someone to have a big spontaneous uncontrollable laughter
Watching that man fall just tickle your fancy doesn’t it ?
by RedreaReport February 6, 2018
A euphemism for something naughty that one would do to another person.
I want to tickle your fancy floating boat.

I can't wait to get those girls home, and tickle their fancy floating boats.
by ARMWKL August 24, 2010