Military term for the time at which something must happen.
What is the suspense on the completing the operation order?
Your suspense is 06 hundred tomorrow.
by Jmoore March 22, 2007
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a type of body modification using hooks placed into various parts of the human body then hung. Often for artistic entertainment or spiritual performances. The preparations often take more time then the performance itself.
Jane-"Did you see Dani's suspension? "
Cookie-" yeah pretty sick shit, wish i could handle resurrection suspension"
by clydeandhisside April 16, 2010
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The act of hanging the human body from objects placed into the skin. Although primarily a spiritual activity, suspensions are often done for artistic and performance sake.
by Woe Betide August 22, 2003
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having hooks dug deep into your flesh, and then being suspended 5-12 ft. into the air by those sharp little fuckers.
There are many pictures of suspension on
by Chi Chi Gonzalez August 22, 2003
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the underlying functionality of any system, as regards its ability to adapt to changing circumstances
i'm not sure i can cope with these guys. they're bringing up stuff that is totally challenging my suspension. we need our actual alpha code geeks here. it'll shoot them down instanter.
by decunningham August 22, 2003
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to shove some hooks in your back and be connected to chains so you can hang by your skin.
Joey stayed in suspension for 17 minutes as others gawked in awe.
by tweak August 19, 2003
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what happens to reatrds who do stupid things....if u get this ur not considered valuable to society....u r probably fucked for life...yup
yo that kid just got suspension
wow he is fucked for no college for him man
by christs theman12324 May 12, 2009
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