Someone who takes thousands of pictures of themselves to put on myspace. Usually, the pictures are taken from weird angles or are pictures of a mirror which is completely pointless because the camera gets in the way of your face. They usually never even look at the camera and do that same blow-fish pose with a peace sign in every picture.
There are 100,384 pictures of that camera whore on her camera.
by iHateEmos June 13, 2007
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Teen girl(s) who spend their time taking 'seductive' pictures of themselves and friends, as well as abstract, 'arty' subjects, and then post them on the internet in livejournals. Subsequently live and die by the reactions these pictures get in the form of comments, usually coming from less popular girls in the form of high praise for 'cuteness' etc. A girl with no life outside her internet circle of popularity.
Ashley posted 15 photoshopped self-portaits today- the camera whore!
by 7620 December 16, 2004
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A person who takes lots of pictures of themselves, using a mirror or pointing the camera towards themselves.
_____'s myspace is filled up with pictures they took of themselves. What a camera whore.

Pete Wentz is such a camera whore.
by Wendy July 26, 2005
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girl's that take pictures of themselves in mirrors and pointing toward themselves and put it on myspace then call themselves ugly.

I'm so ugly!
eww i look hurt.
comment- your such a camera whore.
by Aivdlkbvaj August 21, 2008
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1) ugly girl that feels the need to sidestep her facial shortcomings by taking pictures of herself at weird angles and in deep shadows.

2)just a girl that prostitutes for the camera in general, taking hundreds of pictures
A: Wow! that girl on myspace is FINE!!!
B: out. She's a camera whore. Sure her body's ok..but someone could've run over her face.
A: O. Ok. Good looking out.
by spudist February 9, 2008
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person that takes an excessive amount of pictures of onself

also known as a "Christopher Dean Miranda"
Person 1: Woooowww this kid takes way too many pictures of himself....such a camera whore.
Person 2: I know! He is such a Christopher Dean Miranda.
by imnotlyingthisisthetruth May 28, 2011
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a person who hogs the camera and loves themselves
otherwise known as 'stuck up fuckers'
by mjtheone August 14, 2005
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