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A phrase that is commonly used to end arguments. Once said there is nothing you can say to come back you just have to accept that you didn't say it first and repeat the phrase back to the person to acknowledge your loss. Can also be used as a sign of confusion or when being blamed for something usually said with a shrug of the shoulders and a wild look in your eyes.
Bro I am not

Martin: you wanna fight I'm not wearing a belt

Reddish: I am not
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The act of being better than everyone else for a certain period of time. Can only take place on specific days according to ones work schedule. You are not allowed to flex on anything shorter than a 3 day. If it's a 3 day or longer you can flex but not on the first or last day the first day is to warm up the flex and the last is to cool down after flexing on everyone.
Bro I'm not trying to flex on this two day.

Flexing is secured

It's the middle of a three day, flexing unsecured.
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