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Definition: A flex offender is a person who has committed a flexual crime. Flex offenders can be classified as someone wearing to much overpriced clothing, or flaunting their bodies around to much. If you see a flex offender or suspect someone of flex offending don't hesitate to call someone.
Example: Johnny looks like a straight flex offender with all that Supreme gear
by Nateg123 November 27, 2017
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A player who is ranked higher in flex queue (generally considered a queue that doesn't matter) than solo queue in the game League of Legends.
Allan is a flex offender. He's Bronze in solo queue but Silver in flex queue.
by ThePhamtom February 04, 2018
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Someone who is registered as being a flex offender. A person who feels the need to flex on everything they do.
Aye cuh, we finna go toes?? Cuz you already know I’m a registered Flex Offender.”
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by Benjie F. July 20, 2018
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