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Definition: A flex offender is a person who has committed a flexual crime. Flex offenders can be classified as someone wearing to much overpriced clothing, or flaunting their bodies around to much. If you see a flex offender or suspect someone of flex offending don't hesitate to call someone.
Example: Johnny looks like a straight flex offender with all that Supreme gear
by Nateg123 November 27, 2017
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A player who is ranked higher in flex queue (generally considered a queue that doesn't matter) than solo queue in the game League of Legends.
Allan is a flex offender. He's Bronze in solo queue but Silver in flex queue.
by ThePhamtom February 04, 2018
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A flex offender is someone who has been accused of flexual harassment. They flex so hard that they make others around them feel violated. Registered flex offenders are not permitted within 50 feet of a school zone.
"Wow dude, that guy has light up wheely crocs. He even has a Minecraft t-shirt"

"Yeah, he's a registered flex offender"
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by Registered_gamer June 08, 2019
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Someone who is registered as being a flex offender. A person who feels the need to flex on everything they do.
β€œAye cuh, we finna go toes?? Cuz you already know I’m a registered Flex Offender.”
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by Benjie F. July 20, 2018
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