Being unapproachable means you're so hard to go up and talk to, usually because of your facial expression or body language (like mean mugging or having your arms crossed all the time). Most people are unapproachable without even realizing it.
I wanna talk to sam but she looks so unapproachable.
by unmanipulable February 16, 2018
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A baddie but better! A black womxn who recognizes that their power is not defined by who others see them as. They are a hottie, confident in their multifaceted beauty, and always living their best life. They are focused on their personal growth and acknowledge that others being intimidated by them is a recognition of their strength, power and unwillingness to limit their potential.
Bangers and Nyash are the epitome of unapproachable black hotties.
by Nunes the Stallion December 5, 2021
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