A sex toy used to replicate a vagina. A fleshlight is intended to stimulate the penis into an orgasm. A fleshlight has the same use to a male as a Dildo has to a female.
Damn, I havn't been laid in days...Where'd I put my fleshlight....?
by Jimmy Yourger June 27, 2007
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Shaped like a flashlight, feels like vagina, and you put your penis in it.
"Hey man, can i borroe your fleshlight? I can't find mine and haven't gotten off in weeks."
by Dj Chop February 7, 2018
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A person, typically a woman, who is only used by a sexual partner as a disposable object with which the user may do as they please. Just like a real fleshlight they are mainly used for pleasure, an advanced form of masturbation that is like sex in every way except that it is not interactive, more just the user doing as they wish with their fleshlight. This person also serves as a container to ejaculate into or onto as the user sees fit.
"yo, Kamron, do you know where I can get a fleshlight?"
" yeah, as a matter of fact I'm speaking to one right now.."
by DACRAZYTURK September 24, 2015
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Using a Fleshlight to get off.... To Masturbate using a Fleshlight Sex Toy..... To Use a Fleshlight on one's Penis for the purpose of Ejaculation or Sex Play, role play, fantasy play or other sexual use, perhaps even with a woman or man for sexual simulation as with real intercourse using a fleshlight rather than a vagina or ass or even mouth to protect one's value system..... to appease the male.
My girlfriend is a virgin, and wants to stay one until marriage, so she consented to fleshlighting instead, it's better than nothing! OR I wasn't able to pick up a girl last night, so I so when I got home I ended up fleshlighting instead.
by Dr. Keith September 15, 2015
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Shaped like a flashlight, but you have sex with it. Made for male masturbation.
I used my fleshlight last night. It felt great.
by Bah August 12, 2004
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the top selling male masturbation tool. it consists of an outside case which is shaped like a large flashlight, and an inner insert which comes in a variety of colors, orifices, and internal textures & ribbing styles.
While I was shopping for my girlfriend at Toys in Babeland, one of the workers there suggested I buy the Fleshlight for myself.
by phil February 7, 2005
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