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Fleming island is a expensive uptight town in north Florida. The elementary school is great...but the junior high is sh!t. Having to go to GCSJH,most of the girls are sluts very few are actual ladies and half of the guys are immature little shït head douche bags.the school is in the middle of the ghetto and has fights every week.the high school sucks balls,with all the drugs being passed around students walk the halls high or getting pregnant. Good grades or not,these kids drive BMWs at 15 years old.there rich family can support their stuck up will find very few good girls/guys out of this bunch but they do exist.either everyday there's a party or a get-together.with the town not having much,(other than the people and rich houses) most kids go to Jacksonville,orange park,st. Augustine,etc. For fun.
Boy: hey did you go to summers party ?

Girl: no,was it fun?
Boy: no it sucked, except for the girls wearing bikini thongs

Girl:well that's Fleming island for sure
by Fleming island June 20, 2014
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