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when something is boring or someone is boring
if i didnt talk and you didnt talk then it would be boringness
by emmalouise January 05, 2006
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Boring person, place or thing. The state of being boring. For those who do not know what this is, imagine working in an office cubicle, staring at an Excel spreadsheet full of numbers and pivot tables and your job is to find the ONE number in the sheet that is missing the decimal. Drool slowly evaporates from your lips as you stare slightly teary eyed with your mouth slightly agape you are dimly aware of being in a mindset of between sleep and nausea and have a growing sense of a need to escape, but you can't. Your ass has gone numb from becoming Boring-ness.
While working in an accounting office of 100 poeple, all you can hear is the scratch of pencil and clackety clack of the keyboard, your mind slowly turns to mush as you become the embodiment of boring-ness.
by Food Science Geek Squared September 18, 2012
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