Somehow, with all of the evidence provided by scientists, these dumbasses still think that the Earth is a mere circle. Just like YouTube haters and people who do The Floss dance, they are people who are a disgrace to the human race.
(โ”›โ—‰ะ”โ—‰)โ”›ๅฝกโ”ปโ”โ”ป I flip teh table because of these dum flat earthers
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by A_single_bean May 31, 2019
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Flat earthers usually come from a place like Miami, Chicago, or Houston and think the rest of the world is like where they live.
Mike Pulaski is a single flat earther from Chicago who grills out every weekend.
by Schoolboy Peter April 26, 2017
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In Indonesia, also used for people from Islam-related organizations (FPI, FUI, PKS) and their followers that is too easy to be fooled, too easy to believe their preacher/ulama. Even though what they say and do violated Islam rules, like rejecting to pray for dead body just because he/she voted for that religion blasphemy accused governor (Ahok) when alive.

In Indonesian, said as "kaum bumi datar". This term also comes from flat earth concept. Their preacher used to talk about flat earth in mosques over and over again before Jakarta governor vote campaign started.
Flat earthers are crazy. I used to think that rejecting dead body (to be managed) is just a joke, now it really happened to an old woman in Jakarta.
by fitsa hats March 29, 2017
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someone who literally believes in the supernatural, in fantastical unrealistic things that belong in fantasy stories that fly in the face of modern scientific understanding. a person who ignores rational evidence of the way things actually are according to facts, and instead adheres to a worldview best left behind in the dark ages.
a religious person is a flat earther.
by chuckybubbles July 28, 2016
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People who put years of research and hardwork into waste by considering the Earth to be flat. These people are probably retards from birth.
I'm phobic towards flat earthers.
by Nerdo_160 January 15, 2021
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People who dont understand gravity.
Flat earthers: tHe eArTh iS fLaT!!!

Person with common sense: Then why are all the other planets round...
by Hoi_im_temmie123 July 03, 2020
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