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One who believes in the theory of flat earths, perhaps as a result of having either a flat head or flat testicles.
Two flat-earther astronauts go into space.

"Look dude, we're orbiting a blue pancake!"
"Holy fuck! That's a funny ball-shaped pancake!"
by masterblaster01 January 17, 2018

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The average time the urban dictionary takes to publish a definition that has been submitted.
I submitted the definition of year a year ago. They published it today! I'm so happy!!
by masterblaster01 May 18, 2018

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A Bengali-English expression for "No problem, chill out."
The term is usually used as a personal defense mechanism for an upcoming hardship.
A: "Oh boy I got three papers to submit this week!"
B: Pera nai chill!!
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by masterblaster01 August 10, 2020

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