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a fucking dumbass who fucking got fucked up in the head,hitting his head so many damn times on a brick as a child and always getting fucked up on pills as a child
guy1:the earth is flat
guy2:shut the fuck up you flat earther you degenerate fuck
by fire pro YT November 19, 2018

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a retard who will do anything for clout
personA:have you watched jaystation
personB:fuck that guy he's a cloutard
by fire pro YT January 28, 2020

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it's when you're horny but don't get a boner
elliot:rodger you remember that time you got a boneless boner

roder:please don't remind me of that
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by fire pro YT November 23, 2019

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a nicer way of saying "stupid dumb fuck degenerate asshole faggot"

a dumb has multiple meanings though
dumbass:i believe that earth is flat and all of NASA's shit is forced by the Illuminati

genius:shut the fuck up you are a dumb
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by fire pro YT November 19, 2018

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