Used by web designers to refer to a website that uses Flash excessively (usually in an introduction and in the navigation); this is often irritating and in many cases only used to show off how 'pro' a site is.
Dang, that site took like a minute to get past its Flashturbation intro.
by Marty XV August 30, 2007
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(n) Using Macromedia Flash to make a short, almost pointless animation only for fun.
I know I should be working on my real animation, but to relieve some stress I just Flashturbated for a while.
by Onislize May 13, 2005
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When you have to masturbate really quickly because you don't know when your roommate is going to come home.
I got home early from school but couldn't remember Jim's schedule so I had to flashturbate before he got home.
by bonobos September 20, 2011
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when you accidentally flashbang yourself playing call of duty
" I was playing MW3 online the other day and I tried to throw a flashbang through a window but it bounced back and I totally flashturbated myself hard
by MrPickleTickler December 30, 2011
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To jerk off very hard and fast
When I am alone in the bedroom, I like to flashturbate and flood the room with cum
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the unfortunate occurence when you click on a webcam invite and that person is masturbating
I got a cam invite from Tony and before I could even look, he had started to flashturbate without a care in the world. Gross creeper
by AAAAYYYE.T.L April 7, 2015
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