An attractive girl you reckon would fit perfectly on your penis
Joe:"Tommy did you see that cute Korean girl?"
Tommy: "yeah she is cute..wow"
Joe " I think she's a Fitty, I Reckon she would fit perfectly on your tiny penis."
by The answer2.0 September 10, 2010
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When something performs at 50% resulting in them only doing half of what was expected of them.
Today when I was getting lunch in a drive through I ordered a burger, fries, and a drink. After paying and pulling up to get my meal. I opened the bag to find out I did not get my fries, which meant I had just received a fitty from the drive through.
by Sportsman817 August 07, 2012
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1. Fat titties
2. A group on facebook that are perfect in everyway.
3. A Family
1. Daaaamn son, yo chick has some FITTIES
2. I love my fitties so much xoxooxox kees
3. Fitties are the best.
by fittiesarenotfattitties May 06, 2012
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fat- tits..... tits that are big only because the girl is fat
Ken- " yo jenny's got huge tits!
mike-" nah bro those are just fitties, bitch is huge!
by candosh October 18, 2008
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