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A nation in South America. It's a former Dutch colony. People still speak a form of Dutch there called papjamento. Suriname was taken over from the British, who got New Amsterdam (now known as New York) in return. Suriname won independance in 1975.

The Dutch that came there established massive sugar-producing slave plantations. The population of Suriname is mainly from The Netherlands, India, Indonesia, and Africa.

The Netherlands is the country the Dutch come from. The other 3 were the main places the Dutch broughy slaves from.
Suriname is located in South America.

Many people with roots in Africa live in Suriname.
by Jafje May 06, 2007
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a nation in south america, the dutch came here to establish massive sugar-producing slave plantations. after the nation won independence, numerous coups occured. it is currently a shaky democracy, resting on the balance of power between 4 seperate parties. most of the nation's money now comes from bauxite production. while most south american nations are primarily populated by people of hispanic and/or indiginous decent, the majority of surinamese are from india, indonesia, or africa- the 3 places where the dutch brought slaves from
suriname is a forgotten country.
by Ben E. Hama February 01, 2007
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